78 percent of Americans would rather buy an American product based on a recent poll by Consumer Reports. This number probably doesn’t surprise anyone, with high-unemployment rates and many manufacturing goods being shipped over seas for production, buying American-made products makes good sense for the economy. And, it’s the right thing to do. Custom Cut Stencil Company is proud of their American-made roots, offering custom stencils and American-made Marsh Stencil Machines from our Belleville, Illinois location.

Steve Lewis, a Marine Corps Veteran, and his wife Carolyn, own and manage Custom Cut Stencil Co. working closely with their son and the rest of their dedicated employees. Their main objective is simple: make every customer satisfied with their custom stencil machine purchase and comprehensive ordering experience. Steve has over 35 years of stencil experience, ensuring that with your order of stencil supplies, machines, or custom stencils you are also getting unsurpassed customer service.

Steve Lewis recently talked about his local stencil business and what American-made means to him. Custom Cut Stencil was recently awarded the honor for being one of the Top 10 Distributors for MSSC LLC (Marsh Stencil Machines and Supplies) and Lewis stands behind the product, believing Marsh is a good example of an American-made product. “Marsh stencil machines have been around forever, and you’ll often find that they can outlast many other office-related pieces of equipment due to their great-quality and dependability. These manual stencil machines are heavy-duty and over time may start to look a bit ‘worn’ aesthetically but you’ll still get the same great stencil markings from when it was brand new in the shop.”

When asked what sets his stencil business apart from other stencil companies, Lewis is quick to answer. “We understand manual and computerized stencil machines and the types of materials that work best with them. We have repeat customers that use us time and time again because of our unequaled knowledge in this industry. We are located in Belleville, USA, but can ship internationally too, making us a viable Internet company for industrial stencils and equipment.”

Looking for a custom stencil or stencil machine and would prefer to buy American? Turn to Steve Lewis and the rest of his Custom Cut Stencil Co. team and you won’t be disappointed. Custom Cut Stencil can be found online or call them toll-free at 800-620-5077.