Having fun with a play on words to get your attention, did you know that our custom stencils and computerized stencil machines are often used in the aviation industry? Aerospace companies often purchase our dependable computerized stencil cutters because there are a lot of interior as well as exterior requirements needed when properly marking airplanes.

Next time you are on a flight, peek out the window and you’ll find stencil markings on the wing of a plane. While you are relaxed in your seat, reading a good book and dreaming about your vacation destination, you can also think about how stencils were used on practically every part of the airplane, hidden beneath every cushion, interior wall, and compartment. Stenciling the many parts during the construction of the airplane is an integral phase of its assembly. Even the Space Shuttle uses computerized stencil machines for marking everything important, inside and out.

Aerospace businesses from the military to small commuter airlines and even intergalactic aviators depend on computerized stencil cutters because with very little effort they will receive consistent, quality stencil cuts for marking their most important investments. Custom Cut Stencil offers the CCS24CS Computerized Stencil Cutting System that can cut stencils ranging from 1/4″ text to 24″ text or larger. The uses for our computerized stencil machines are infinite! If your business specialty is in the aviation industry, trust Custom Cut Stencil to provide you with the best computerized stencil cutters manufactured today. Give us a call at 800.620.5077 and we can help make your biggest, most challenging stencil jobs seem to just “fly” by!