Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right stencil machine for you or your business:

-Can the stencil machine cut the materials you want to use?
o    Our Computerized Stencil Cutter System is one heavy duty stencil cutting machine! With 500 grams of blade force and advanced plotting technology, our stencil machine can cut many different materials including: polyethylene (easy cut), oilboard, mylar, magnetic, decal vinyl and sandblast material!

-Is the stencil machine built strong enough for years of regular use?
o    Unlike many stencil cutting machines on the market, our Computerized Stencil Cutter is made with industrial strength, high quality parts that will keep you cutting stencils and vinyl decals for many years. We have been using an older model of this stencil cutter to cut stencils and vinyl for signs for over a decade! Our newest model of the Computerized Stencil Cutter is even stronger.

-Does the stencil machine come with user friendly software, or any software at all?
o    Our Computerized Stencil Cutter System includes Stencil Works – a software designed specifically for cutting stencils and decals. This software comes with many stencil fonts and stencil-ready symbols that will help you get started cutting stencils in no time.

-Can you get tech support on the phone when you need it?
o    We have free technical support available, in-house! Call us Monday thru Friday and we will work with you to solve any issues that may arise or answer any questions you may have about our hard-working Computerized Stencil Cutter.

-Will you be able to get replacement parts?
o    Our Computerized Stencil Cutter is MADE IN THE USA! It is used in many industries worldwide and by all branches of the military. If an accident occurs and something breaks, just call us and we can help you figure out what part you need and help you get your stencil cutter working again with little down time.

-Here are some other benefits of using Custom Cut Stencil Co. as your stencil partner:
o    Our graphics department will prepare your logo for use in the Stencil Works software – for free!
o    We stock a full line of industry leading stencil materials for use with our Computerized Stencil Cutter System, along with a full line of stencil inks, rollers, sprays and more.
o    We know stencils! With over 20 years experience using and selling stencil machines and stencil supplies, we can help you decide if this system is right for you. Let’s talk. Give us a call at 618-277-5077 or toll free 1-800-620-5077.