Our quality stencil ink helps our clients get the most use from our custom stencils. Looking for great ink? Our stencil ink is sold in both quarts and gallons and can be purchased either individually or by the case. At Custom Cut Stencil Co., we also offer a variety of color options for your custom project. Using our hand stencil rollers, application is easy!

Our rollers are available in two sizes, either 3” or 1.5”. The roller also comes with a protective cover, protecting the roller and allowing you to use it multiple times. Clients also can use the corresponding stencil ink pad that can be sealed between uses to prevent stencil ink from drying out. Looking for more tips on how to use our stencil ink, hand stencil roller and ink pad so that they work together perfectly? Follow the easy-to-use steps below!

Open the ink pad. It’s time to roll!

Next, open your stencil ink. Carefully connect the nozzle. With the nozzle securely attached, carefully pour a 2” wide line of ink across the length of your ink pad.

Roll your hand stencil roller on the ink pad. It’s important to evenly and carefully roll the roller over the ink pad, making sure you pay attention to the ink’s distribution. It’s best to then test your inked roller on a scrap of cardboard to ensure it is not over-inked.

Don’t “over-ink” it. It’s important to roll multiple passes with a lightly inked roller rather than with an over-inked roller! When too much ink is used it can be wasteful, and the finished project can end up looking sloppy.

Securely tape the project down. If you are worried about the project moving around, it’s a good idea to tape it down. A secured stencil won’t slip or slide when you roll over it with the roller and ink.

Get rolling! Feel comfortable with the amount of ink on your roller? Great! Now roll your secured stencil to the object you wish to stencil. Once the stencil ink evenly covers all of the cut-out areas, you may lift the stencil to see your finished project.

Once your project is complete, take time during clean up. It’s important to allow your stencil and all accompanying products to dry before putting away in storage. Cover the ink pad immediately, put the cover on the roller, and secure the ink tightly when not in use. This will keep your stencil products and inks lasting a long, long time.

Custom Cut Stencil Company is the industry leader in industrial stencil machines, products and supplies. Located in Belleville, Illinois, we can assist you with any stencil project you want to tackle. Give us a call toll-free at 800-620-5077 or locally at 618-277-5077. You can also email our sales staff at sales@customcutstencil.com or order online. We look forward to hearing from you!