By Steve Lewis

When you have a big job to do, it’s important to use quality stencils and ink for many reasons. You want the markings to last and you want to make sure ease-of-use and legibility is a priority.  At Custom Cut Stencil Company, we only offer the best quality stencil materials, rollers and ink so that when it’s closing time, you can clock out and get busy enjoying all of the after-work activities summer time has to offer! No one wants to work late because their shipping has been immobilized due to shoddy distribution materials and products.

Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers a variety of options for your custom stencil projects. We offer quality Oilboard that lasts and lasts after multiple uses. If you’ve ever used sub-standard stencil board, you know how important it is to use stencil materials that work as hard as you do. We also offer different types of stencil rollers to accompany those tough jobs. Whether you use the hand stencil rollers and ink pads or the metal stencil rollers (just add ink in the handle), you can be assured of a smooth, accurate application.

Did you know Custom Cut Stencil also offers a variety of industrial inks to choose from? We have spray inks, carton touch up ink, adhesive and silicone sprays that make day to day operations a breeze. Spray ink can save you time, whether you are working in the summer humidity or cold of winter, it dries quickly and works fast. We also offer a tan color spray that can be used to touch up old shipping cartons. How cool is that? With a variety of colors to choose from, and a vast amount of projects to do, Custom Cut Stencil will get your custom stencil job done fast and easy.

Family-owned and operated Custom Cut Stencil Company serves the St. Louis, Missouri area and beyond with custom stencil supplies that include manual stencil machines and electronic stencil cutters. Durable and reliable, Marsh stencil machines never disappoint! If your commercial business is looking to fulfill more customized stencil projects, electronic stencil machines offer more flexibility when cutting stencils, logos, and symbols than the traditional manual stencil machine. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has fast and easy ways to mark products, anytime you need them. Give us a call at (800) 620-5077.