Industrial stencil cutters are hard-working machines used in factories, warehouses and industrial facilities. Don’t confuse our manual and computerized stencil machines with the kind crafters and hobbyists use to make personalized scrapbooks, décor and more. Our stencil machines are used for busy in-house business operations to get projects completed faster and with more accuracy. Equip your facility with a more efficient marking system that will save you money!

Need to mark boxes, pipes and supplies? Look no further than Custom Cut Stencil Company. Our Marsh manual stencil cutters will last for decades, cutting stencils just as efficiently after years of use than when you first purchased it. Looking for something a little more technically advanced for your operations? Our electronic stencil machines can be set-up easily to create the stencil you need directly from your computer, printing text, logos or graphics in seconds.

One industry, the military, has depended on Custom Cut Stencil Co. to provide machines so they could easily create stencils for vehicles, military equipment and for their facilities on-site. We are also able to provide custom stencils to our clients that do not own a stencil machine, simply by having their project emailed to us or downloaded using our website at Our custom stencil company can provide the stencils and stencil supplies needed so you can complete the toughest jobs, in a variety of busy industries.

Whether you need a logo created, numbers, letters or symbols, the heavy-duty and hardworking electronic stencil machine can help your office run efficiently. Are you ready to partner with an industry leader in industrial stencil cutters, products and supplies? Then give us a call toll-free at 618-277-5077. You can also email our sales staff at We look forward to hearing from you! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season from all of us at Custom Cut Stencil Co.