By Steve Lewis

Coming soon to Custom Cut Stencil Company, the NEW That’s-A-Marker (TAM) marking pen is an all-purpose tool for your office, warehouse or factory. Busy facilities know how important a heavy-duty marker can be, and the new TAM all-purpose marker marks on almost anything, making an impact on your day-to-day operations like never before. And, when we say it marks on almost anything, we mean it!

The TAM industrial marker can mark on the following items with ease:


-survey stakes

-shipping boxes

-packaging tape

-plastic bottles

-plastic or metal pails

-metal drums






-waxed boxes

-lab slides

These industrial markers are often used in machine shops, pipe yards, surveying companies, warehouses, shipping rooms, heating & AC industry, construction and manufacturing plants of all kinds.  Safe and non-toxic, it conforms to ASTM D 4236 standards.

The TAM Marker also has a replaceable tip. So, don’t throw the marker away –  just replace the tip by contacting Custom Cut Stencil Company! The tips also have two sides to include a chisel point and a bullet-type point. Sold by the dozen, part numbers are CCSTAM-BK for Black and CCSTAM-RD for Red.  Replacement tips are part# CCS10412.

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