Are you in the aerospace industry, automotive industry or the armed forces?  Are you in need of a custom stencil machine to stencil steel, pipe, parts, or stencils to be used for crating and manufacturing? Stencil machines can help get the job done. With a letter size ranging from ¼” to 24” you can mark just about anything.

Stencil Machine Types

Custom Cut Stencil offers manual stencil machines and each machine can cut one size and the sizes are ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1”. We also offer a computerized stencil machine that hooks up to your PC.

Manual stencil machines have been around for a long time. With these machines you can only cut one size letter or number. They come in four sizes ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1” character sizes. To operate, you install a piece of oilboard into the machine. You use the handwheel to locate which letter or number you want, push down the handle and it will cut the character you selected.  Lift the handle, and it automatically spaces and is ready for the next number or letter you select. Custom Cut Stencil cutters are very simple and straight-forward to use.

Computerized stencil machines are used when more than one size character is needed. Character size ranges from ¼” to 24”. The system will cut in both portrait or landscape position on the stencil material.  This allows a very small or very large one-piece stencil.  The stencil machines use a roll of stencil material measuring 24” x 100 feet and mounts and feeds from the back of the machine. This system will cut Easy Cut, oilboard, Mylar or magnetic material.  It can also cut decal vinyl used in making signs. The software is easy to use. It allows several stencil fonts and many international symbols used when marking boxes or crates.

If your company uses stencils for crating or manufacturing, or is in need of stencils to mark your parts or products, we have the right stencil machine for you! Please call 1-800-620-5077 or email Custom Cut Stencil at today!