Ever wonder how busy factories and warehouse facilities get their custom stencils to look unified on all of their products and materials? If you know anything about stencils, you know that they can offer you a sensible, efficient way to mark your goods and can be used in many other applications, customizing everything from pipes to loading docks to equipment parts. Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers a wide variety of stencil materials to choose from, and their Brass Stencils are one of the toughest materials available for any custom stencil project.

Custom Cut Stencil Company’s brass stencils have the ability to interconnect and are adjustable, giving you that crisp, legible stencil marking each and every time. Offering pre-packaged sets in gothic style characters, applying brass stencils “are a snap” when you need to mark boxes, crates, drums or just about anything. Our brass stencils should be applied in a horizontal position due to their ability to interlock and come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

One predominant benefit of choosing brass stencils for your tough jobs is this: with proper care, your brass stencils will last a very, very long time! If you know you need a custom stencil to work as hard as you do, giving you consistent stencil marks on a regular basis, it makes sense to learn more about the durability of our brass stencils. To maintain their “good as new” function, simply clean your stencils regularly with solvent. You’ll be amazed at how hardy Custom Cut Stencil’s brass stencils can be when marking those toughest jobs! Want to learn more? Call Custom Cut Stencil today, toll free, at 800.620.5077.