Not only does our Belleville, Illinois based Custom Cut Stencil Co. offer a wide variety of industrial stencil supplies, we also offer manual and computerized stencil machines for your next big marking project. Busy facilities of all sizes can benefit from an in-house stencil machine and marking products that get the job done quickly and accurately.

What’s the difference between a manual and computerized stencil cutter?

When using a computerized stencil cutter, set-up and stencil creation is easy. When you use your computer to create your custom stencil, you can watch as your text, logos or graphics be created in mere seconds. Computerized stencil machines come with user-friendly software and a team member at Custom Cut Stencil Company can help answer any questions that you may have to help get you started.

Manual stencil cutters are hard-working machines that are heavy-duty and reliable. Confirming to U.S. Government Specifications CIA A-A-2722, our manual stencil machines offer high quality markings. If stencil marking is a big part of what you do every day, an in-house stencil cutter is a cost-effective solution for your warehouse, manufacturing plant or factory. Our manual stencil cutter has four (4) sizes available for character height at 1”, ¾”, ½” and ¼”.

If you are looking for stencil supplies, Custom Cut Stencil Co. has an online store with oilboard, stencil inks, and more. For instance, if you are looking for ink, we offer Rolmark stencil ink in either gallons or quarts in a variety of colors that will mark on many, many surfaces. Custom Cut Stencil Co. even offers a tan color that can be used to touch up old shipping cartons, making them look like “new” again! Spray inks meet or exceed performance requirements under CID AA-208.

If you are ready to partner with an industry leader in industrial stencil cutters, products and supplies, then give us a call at 618-277-5077 or find us online at You can even email our sales staff at with any questions or product inquiries that you may have.