manual stencil machine newWhen you are running a busy warehouse or manufacturing facility, it’s imperative that your stencil cutter makes concise, clear cuts for your stencils each and every time. When you combine any one of our top brand stencil machines, including the ever-popular Marsh manual stencil cutter with our quality Oilboard, you can be confident that you are making a purchase for your business that will last.

oilboard stencil suppliesMarsh manual stencil machines are heavy-duty investments for your business. The quality Marsh stencil making machines will cut equal spacing and lines when working on your project. Depending on what you are looking to do, it’s easy to select the number or the letter on the dial and press down the handle to achieve the same cut every time, with not a lot of muscle-power! Achieving neat and clean repetitive marks, with no worry of a label falling off when being shipped, means you don’t have to fret about getting your product out quickly and to the right destination.

So, is your business ready for a stencil machine? If your business is primarily shipping products to customers, it may be time to invest in a stencil cutter from Custom Cut Stencil. Marsh Stencil Cutters are also used to mark pipe, drums, parts and equipment, and other key items for manufacturing processes. Manufacturing companies everywhere understand the importance of having accurate, legible markings on their components and a quality stencil machine, using the proper stencil materials, makes their job easier with fewer errors, saving you money in the long run.

The Marsh Manual Stencil Cutter is available in four sizes: 1”, ¾”, ½”, and ¼” character heights. When you combine the manual stencil cutters with our quality Oilboard stencil material (also referred to as stencil board), you can be sure you are making the right investment for your business. Need other stencil cutting items? Custom Cut Stencil is a one-stop-shop for everything stencil, anytime you need it, also offering other supplies and products to help you with your biggest industrial stencil jobs.

Custom Cut Stencil Company’s manual stencil machine conforms to U.S. Government Specifications CID A-A-2722, producing sharp quality stencils. The uses for our manual stencil machines are endless, and you can be sure that Custom Cut Stencil’s stencil cutters will last a long, long time. Visit us today at or call 800-620-5077 with any questions that you might have.