By Steve Lewis

Almost any store you shop at today offers markers of some kind, whether it’s a grocery store, gas station, or convenience mart. Large craft stores may have aisles filled with markers that glow, sparkle or smell. Well, if you work in an industrial setting like a factory or warehouse, you know that paint markers for commercial uses are in a category all their own: industrial paint markers work hard, need to be long-lasting, ergonomically-made for comfort, and heavy duty too. Don’t struggle with sub-par markers! Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers a huge selection of the highest quality industrial marking tools for the jobs you need done right the first time.

Depending on your specific project, our industrial markers can be used on rough or smooth surfaces, whether the marks need to stand the test of time indoors or out. Offering oil-based paint markers or xylene-free paint markers, their proven designs regulate paint flow and accuracy. Custom Cut Stencil has broad tip paint markers for larger jobs, or fine tip markers that offer unbeatable results in a wide variety of colors.

Visit our industrial marker page on our website at to learn more about the variety of specialty paint markers offered. Questions about our complete line of custom stencil products? Give us a call toll free at 1-800-620-5077 or locally at 618-277.5077.