CCSC is proud to offer custom logo stencils. If you are wondering if your logo can be turned into a stencil, the answer is yes! Here is how:

The first step to getting your very own custom logo stencil is to find the best, highest resolution file you can. While there are many different types of files that your logo could be saved as, they can be broken into two groups – raster files and vector files. In almost all cases, sending a vector file will save us time and save you money. Here is the difference:

  • Raster files are graphic files that store the image (in this case your logo needed for a custom logo stencil) as a series of dots.
    • There are many different file-types that fall into this category, such as – JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG & PSD.
    • Raster files are acceptable files for creating your custom logo stencil, but require us to spend additional time preparing your logo for production.
    • Vector files are graphic files that store the image (your logo) as shapes and lines.
    • Some of the file types that can be vector images are – EPS, PDF, DXF, AI & CDR.

(Note: while these file-types are vector, the contents of the files are not always necessarily vector).

  • Vector files are the best files to send for a custom logo stencil because they require less time to set-up and will save you money.
  • Where can you find a vector file of your logo for your custom logo stencil?
  • Your art department or the designer that created your logo should be able to send you a vector file, but if you cannot get one – just send us what you have and we will make it work for your custom logo stencil!

After finding the best file available to you, please visit our website and fill out the Quote Request Form by clicking on the big blue button, or you may simply email Be sure to attach the file that you would like to be used for your custom logo stencil. Also, be sure to provide the desired size and material that you would like your custom logo stencil to be cut out of.

When our art department reviews your file and logo sizing, we will determine if it is something that will work in the size and material for your custom logo stencil. Sometimes, if the logo is small, your custom logo stencil may only be able to be cut out of oilboard or may have to be simplified. Don’t worry though – you will be informed of any material or sizing restriction in your quote, along with pricing for your custom logo stencil and set-up charge.

Note: Instead of including the cost of setting up your custom logo for production in the cost of your stencil (like many other stencil companies do), we believe a separate set-up charge for our customers is more fair. This way, if you reorder these stencils in the future – you do not pay for set-up that has already been done.

If you decide to proceed with ordering a custom logo stencil, we will send you a proof of the stencil before it moves into production – including the size of the logo and the size of the sheet or overspray border. In most cases a logo will need to have bridges added. These are little breaks in the logo used to hold everything together. While bridges are necessary, we try to minimize the visual impact of them to maintain the look and impact of your logo. These bridges also add strength and durability to your custom logo stencil. Please contact us with any questions!

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