By Steve Lewis

Creating quality stencils for use in multiple applications doesn’t only require a top-notch stencil machine…it’s also important to have quality stencil board as an accompaniment. Once you’ve used high-quality oilboard that’s treated with a special combination of oils to defy ink bleed, you’ll see how impressive our number, symbol and letter stencils oilboard really is compared to what the competition offers.

Why use high quality stencil board with your manual stencil cutter?

Because Custom Cut Stencil Company is an authorized distributor for Marsh stencil machines we know top quality when we see it. We also know after years in the stencil cutter industry, clients want stencil machines and products that work as hard as they do. Whether you are out working in the warehouse or out in the field, stencil material is also an important part of the job so it’s completed on time and accurately. Shoddy stencil board in a quality stencil cutter just won’t give you the results you want! The standard oilboard offered at Custom Cut Stencil Co. is designed to be used with Marsh stencil machines, making ideal marks time after time.

What makes Custom Cut Stencil Co. different from the other marking supply companies?

After over 35 years in the industrial marking supply industry, Custom Cut Stencil Co. knows what makes a commercial stencil business prosper. Offering quality products at competitive prices makes them a successful company. However, their exceptional customer service and vast stencil product knowledge makes Custom Cut Stencil Company a leader in the stencil industry. There are many online companies that may sell stencil machines and supplies, but if you have a question or if something goes wrong, who can you call? When you buy a stencil marking product from Custom Cut Stencil Co., you are also purchasing the extra security that goes along with a family-owned and operated small business, specialized in stencil supplies, products and services.

Custom Cut Stencil Co. wants to be your preferred stencil supply company, offering customized stencil projects, electronic stencil machines, manual stencil machines, and more. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it. Give us a call at (618) 277-5077.