If you are interested in buying your very own stencil machine for your business, Custom Cut Stencil Co. can help. Below you will find answers to some common questions that our customers may ask about our computerized stencil and decal cutting systems. Looking for more information? You can also visit our computerized stencil page at our Computerized Stencil Machine page to learn more about our stencil cutters and their operation.

What materials are used in the stencil machine?

The Custom Cut Stencil Company machine is extremely heavy duty and powerful, with 500 grams of blade force inside and high-quality components that can cut polyethylene (easy cut), mylar, oilboard, decal vinyl, magnetic and sandblast material.

Can the machine last with regular use over long periods of time?

Since our machine is made with industrial strength material, unlike many other machines on the market, our high-quality parts will last for years to come. At our office, we’ve been using our older model for over a decade…and it still works great.

Is the stencil machine user-friendly? 

Our software in our Custom Cut Stencil System is easy to use and can be used for cutting stencils and decals. The software comes with numerous fonts and symbols. Once you purchase a new computerized stencil cutter, it will be ready to cut stencils in no time!

What tech support do you offer? 

We have free technical support available. You can call us Monday-Friday and we can make sure any question or issue you have is resolved concerning our state-of-the-art stencil machine.

What if my stencil cutter breaks? Can I get replacement parts?

Since our Computerized Stencil Machine is made in the USA, we are able to get any parts you need. Just give us a call us and we can get figure out what you need to make sure your stencil cutter is working efficiently as soon as possible. We can get your stencil machine up and running in no time.

What else can our computerized stencil machine do for you? 

The graphics department can prepare your logo in the Stencil Works software for you to print—free of charge. Not only do we have the stencil machine itself, but the stencil materials, inks, rollers, sprays, and more to keep your stencil machine projects on schedule.

Is the computerized stencil machine right for you? We have over 20 years of experience and can answer most questions that may arise with stencil cutters, supplies and stenciling projects. If a computerized stencil machine would benefit your warehouse, office or manufacturing facility, give us a call at 618-277-5077. We are looking forward to hearing from you.