Stencil cutting machines that are built to last can be a perfect addition to your business! When you purchase a stencil machine, whether electronic or manual for your in-house operations, you are able to create the stencils you need efficiently and quickly. Is stencil marking a big part of your business? Read on to learn how you are able to get projects done faster and easier with the purchase of this cost-effective solution for your office, warehouse or factory.

Belleville-based Custom Cut Stencil Company offers built-to-last stencil cutters with the flexibility you need. Our electronic stencil machines make set-up and stencil creation simple for your staff, even if they aren’t the most “technically-savvy”. Use your computer to create the stencil you need, send it to the stencil-cutting machine and watch as it cuts your text, logos or graphics in seconds. Our stencil machines come with Windows-based software that’s user-friendly. Learn more by visiting our website about how electronic stencil machines work on our computerized stencil machine page.

Also offering manual stencil machines by Marsh, these reliable and sturdy stencil cutters don’t disappoint! If you are looking for versatility, our manual stencil machines can help you tackle marking projects of many sizes. We can also help to fulfill your airbrush or aerosol ink and Oilboard to complete the job. If you are looking for proven results for many years to come, ask Custom Cut Stencil Co. about our manual stencil cutters.

Whether you need a logo created, numbers, letters or symbols, the heavy-duty and hardworking stencil machine will help your office, warehouse or factory run more efficiently than ever before. Are you ready to partner with an industry leader in industrial stencil machines, products and supplies? Then give us a call at 618-277-5077. You can also email our sales staff at We look forward to hearing from you!