Today, it seems like it’s taking longer for everything to be shipped. With so many of us sheltering-in-place, we are relying on shipments for everything from toilet paper to gardening supplies. Rest-assured, Custom Cut Stencil Co. is still able to fulfill your custom stencil orders on time and with accuracy. However; if stencil marking is a big part of your day-to-day business, it may be time to invest in a Custom Cut Stencil cutting machine and lucky for you, we offer them in manual and electronic alternatives.

When you bring stencil making in-house, you are able to create the stencils you need faster and over time, more economically. Did a stencil project pop-up overnight, requiring a quick turnaround time?  No worries when you have a stencil cutter on the job site!

Electronic Stencil Machines

With one of our electronic stencil cutting machines, stencil set-up and creation is very straightforward and simple. Our computerized stencil cutter clients are able to use their office computer to create the stencil design needed and send the file directly to their electronic stencil machine. If you are looking to create custom stencil text, logos, or graphics, you can achieve fantastic results quickly and in-house! Our stencil machines come with user-friendly Windows based software. Learn more at

Manual Stencil Cutters

If your projects don’t require what our computerized stencil machines have to offer, then a durable and extremely reliable manual stencil cutting machine may be ideal. Confirming to U.S. Government Specifications (CID A-A-2722), our manual cutters produce sharp, superior quality stencils for your business and has four text sizes available. Interested in one of our stencil machines? Don’t forget the Oilboard…we sell quality Oilboard, too!

Depending on your preference, a stencil machine from Custom Cut Stencil Company can create logos, numbers, letters or symbols. Are you ready to partner with a leader in industrial stencil machines, products and supplies? If so, call us at 618-277-5077. You can also email our sales staff at or order custom stencils online. We are here to help fulfill all of your stencil cutting needs.

From our family to yours…stay safe and healthy!