During World War II and even decades earlier, stencil machines were used extensively to mark equipment, shipments, and vehicles. Did you know that the traditional stencil font was first designed in the 1930’s? Today, you can find the stencil font option on computers everywhere, making it one of the most well recognized types of fonts available.

So, why have stencil machines stood the test of time? What makes stencil cutting machines a popular option today, even as technology continues to advance? One reason is that stencil machines have progressed as well. Manual stencil machines are now much easier to use and as heavy-duty as ever, while computerized stencil machines can now produce custom logos as well as symbols in a variety of sizes in addition to letters. Because it affects their bottom line, warehouses understand the importance of correctly marking their shipments and products. Top quality Marsh Stencil Machines make clear marks each and every time, and Custom Cut Stencil Company proudly provides these manual cutters along with computerized cutters for warehouse stencil jobs, big or small. Convenient and simple to use, custom stencil machines get the job done right.

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