By Steve Lewis

After being in the stencil machine business for over 35 years, there’s a certain pride that goes along with offering a manufacturing product that continues to be used in facilities nationwide – even when technological advancements have evolved. Stencil machines still fulfill a requirement that busy industries need when marking products, identifying warehouse arrangements, and organizing their fulfillment centers and storerooms. Whether it’s a manual stencil machine or a computerized stencil machine, our stencil cutters work hard for you and your business.

We offer Marsh manual stencil machines because of their reliability and their durability. Conforming to U.S. Government Specifications CID A-A-2722, Marsh manual stencil cutters produce the sharp and concise quality stencils you need. When you buy a quality stencil cutter, it should last and last. Combine one of our stencil machines with our superior oildboard, you’re going to produce high-quality stencils for your project not only today, but for many future projects. Custom Cut Stencil believes our oilboard is much sturdier and lasts longer than what the competition is selling.

Customized stencils can also be important to commercial industries and that’s why Custom Cut Stencil also offers computerized stencil machines for businesses. The CCS24CS computerized stencil cutting system has different settings to choose from, with text sizes ranging from ¼” to 24” or larger. Looking for unlimited commercialized stenciling opportunities? It may be best to contact us about our computerized stencil cutters! The computerized stencil machines provide customized stencils for the aerospace industry, automotive industry and for crating and manufacturing. Even the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines use our computerized stencil machines! Guaranteed to last, our computerized stencil machines also include a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Family-owned and operated Custom Cut Stencil Company is based in the St. Louis, Missouri area serving customers internationally and nationwide. If your commercial business is looking to fulfill more customized stencil projects, electronic stencil machines offer more flexibility when cutting stencils, logos, and symbols than the traditional manual stencil machine. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it.