Stencil machines can make your life easier at your work place, but which kind will work best for your business industry? Let’s take a look at both manual and computerized stencil machines, what they offer and how these machines can best complement the stencil marking jobs at your business.

Manual Stencil Machines

Not a computer geek? For easy, on-the-go use, manual stencil machines provide a fast, durable and reliable service to your work area when tackling your every day stencil needs. Manual stencil machines offer precision cuts that conform to U.S. Government Specifications CID A-A-2722, producing sharp quality stencils.

Features you can count on:

  • Durable and Reliable
  • Top Quality Brands
  • Compact – take up little office space
  • Superior Cuts – conforms to U.S. Government Specifications CID A-A-2722
  • Comes With Size availability

Businesses that can use manual stencil cutters include:

  • Contractors
  • Recycling Plants
  • Biohazard Plants
  • Work Construction
  • City Parking Planning
  • Waste or Landfills
  • Businesses that use visual organization signs: “Holding Area”, “No Parking”, “Do Not Enter”, ”Hazardous Waste”, etc.

Computerized Stencil Machine

If you are looking for additional stencil options, a computerized stencil machine may work best for your office. A computerized stencil machine is used in many industrial settings and offers varying stencil sizes. Computerized stencil machines are an optimal choice for heavy-duty stencil jobs for various industries and are made in the USA. Machine comes with a 2 year Parts and labor warranty.

Computerized machines offer a convenient keypad for specific adjustments for precision blade cuts, test cuts, calibration and speed.

Computerized machines are heavy duty and can cut tough materials like vinyl, polyethylene, Mylar , oil board and magnetic. These machines have a cutting strip that protects the blade when it’s cutting through materials without backing. These machines come with specifications that include cutting direction, cutting speed and blade force.

Comes with a Software Package

An ideal component for computerized stencil machines is an easy to use software package that features several stencil fonts, decal fonts and international symbols. The software can import files such as .ai, .eps and .dxf files and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Parts are available for this system to best define your unique stencil cutting needs.

Businesses that can use computerized stencil machines include:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Crating and Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel and Pipe Industry
  • Welding Industry
  • Armed Forces – U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines

Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers both manual and computerized stencil machines that offer the flexibility that your business needs. From easy set-up through ease of production, the stencil machine that you choose will complement your business and make those stencil jobs precise and professional looking. Have questions about a specific stencil machine, manual or computerized? Give Custom Cut Stencil a call at (800) 620-5077.