Custom Cut Stencil Co. can turn your company logo into a logo stencil with ease! Logo stencils can be used for a variety of reasons, whether for shipping boxes or for building signage, you can trust Custom Cut Stencil with your logo stencil. Our stencil equipment provides clients with superior marking capabilities. Want to turn your logo into a stencil? Here’s how!

Have high-resolution artwork.

It’s important that the logo you send us is of a high-resolution. This means that the artwork is a digital file that was created by a graphic designer or company and it can be used for a variety of purposes. When you have higher resolution artwork, it can be enlarged to suit billboards, banners and more. Raster files and vector files are ideal for creating a high-quality logo stencil.

At the end of your logo’s file name, you’ll see different categories that include .jpg, .png or .tif, to name just a few. These files can be used but will require Custom Cut Stencil to spend additional time creating a logo file more adequate for production of your new logo stencil.

Vector files are ideal for creating a custom logo stencil because they will require less set-up time and that will ultimately save you money! They include .eps and .pdf file types. If you are unsure of what format your existing logo is in, Custom Cut Stencil Co. can let you know.

How do you get a vector file of your existing logo?

In most instances, the graphic design agency, printer or art department that created your logo will have the file you need. Reach out to ask them for a vector file of your logo. If your logo has been created so long ago that you don’t have access to that information, Custom Cut Stencil can work with what you have to create a vector file for you. In most instances, you will need your logo to be in this format not only for your new logo stencil, but for future applications. Having your logo in this high-resolution format will be beneficial for now and for years to come.

Taking the next steps in your logo stencil creation is easy!

Once you find the best file, it’s easy to start the process to create your new logo stencil. Simply visit our website at and click the blue button “Request a Quote”. You may also email us directly at If you prefer email, make sure to include the size and material for your custom logo. If we have questions about your order, don’t worry…we won’t hesitate to ask! We will also send to you pricing, a proof and any set-up charges (if there are any) once we receive your order.

Custom Cut Stencil Company is family-owned and operated, serving the St. Louis, Missouri area and beyond with custom stencil supplies that include manual stencil machines and electronic stencil cutters along with custom stencils made to order. If your commercial business is looking to fulfill a customized stencil project in-house, you can also purchase an electronic stencil machine or traditional manual stencil machine from Custom Cut Stencil. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it. Still have questions? Give us a call at (618) 277-1800.