As the Thanksgiving break approaches, many of us are anxious to spend time with our family and friends around the dinner table. Some of us only see our families once or twice each calendar year, so a Thanksgiving meal is even more special for that very reason. So, as you’re planning your grocery list and deciding what pumpkin pie recipe you want to use and what type of cranberry sauce everyone prefers, remember there are many men and women overseas that don’t have the luxury of enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with their family. As a United States Marine Veteran, I am extremely thankful for the support and sacrifices that our military makes to keep us safe. I also understand the difficulties they go through along with the heartache. Keeping our country safe is a full-time job and holidays are no exception. With that said, the entire staff of Custom Cut Stencil Company thanks you. The men and women that serve our country continue to make sacrifices, giving us the life we are free to enjoy. Over this Thanksgiving holiday, please join us in giving thanks for the men and the women of our military. As a family-owned and operated company located in Belleville, Illinois, we serve the entire St. Louis, Missouri region and beyond. Our high-quality, custom stencil supplies and stencil machines offer customers everything stencil, anytime they need it. We are excited to show you our new, e-commerce site that will offer you even more options for ordering. Give us a call toll free at (800) 620-5077 or (618) 277-5077. Happy Thanksgiving!