What is the Difference Between Spray Stencil Ink and Spray Paint?

Spray ink is finer and covers better than paint.  Industrial stencil ink dries much faster than paint.  The stencil will not stay sticky with spray stencil ink and has less build up. Also, stencil markings will last as long as spray paint for inside or outside applications.

Should I use Spray Stencil Ink or a Roller and Roller Stencil Ink to Mark my Stencil?

Both types of stencil inks work well. When using spray ink, you need to consider if you are inside or outside for ventilation issues. Generally, you will get a better mark with a roller unit because you won’t have over spray.  However, both are good methods for marking.  It is best if you practice a little with either application to achieve crisp, legible stencil marks.

My Stenciled Cartons Look Blotchy. Why?

Oops! You have too much ink on the roller.  It’s best to take your roller and run it on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and get the excess ink off the roller first. When stenciling your stencil roller, it should always be slightly dry for best results. 

What Are the Uncut Areas on My Stencil?

Uncut areas on stencils are called “bridges”. They are needed to give your stencil strength and durability, keeping in tact the centers of the letter.  If you would cut an “O” without the bridge at the top and bottom, the center would fall out and you would just have a circle.

How Many Uses Will I Get per Stencil?

Good question! Because each application is different there can be different results. Here are some guide lines: The Oilboard material is durable and can be used 50-100 times (or more) depending on what type of stencil ink you are using.  The Polyethylene stencil material can be used 10-15 times depending on how clean or dirty the surface is.  Mylar stencil materials can be used 100 or more times because it’s plastic and can be cleaned off routinely with mild solvents.

Are There Several Stencil Fonts to Choose From?

We have many stencil fonts for your particular job! Also, if you send in your customized logo, we can use the font in your logo.  We can add the bridges where necessary.

How Wide Will My Stencil Text Be?

There is an easy way to figure out the width of stencil text quite accurately. If you take the number of characters and multiply the height of your letters by 80%, the result will be the approximate width of your text. Some fonts vary but this is a good way to estimate stencil text width.  

What is the Smallest and Largest Character You Can Make?

The smallest character is made out of the Oilboard material, measuring .125” (1/8”) in our Gothic Bold Font.  The largest character is approx 36”.  However, we have made larger customized stencils, depending on the particular stencil requested.