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If you are looking for durable and reliable stencil machines, Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers the best quality stencil cutters for your complete stencil cutting needs. Our manual stencil machine conforms to U.S. Government Specifications CID A-A-2722, producing sharp quality stencils.

Synonymous with stencil machines, Marsh Brand hand operated manual stencil cutting machines are reliable and extremely durable. Combine the stencil machine along with our high quality Oilboard you can be sure your stencil cutting system will give you superior cuts and last for years!

Our manual stencil cutting machine has four (4) sizes available. Character height:

1” (CCS100)

3/4” (CCS750)

1/2” (CCS500)

1/4” (CCS250)

Oilboard Stencil Material

Custom Cut Stencil Company manual stencil machines are designed to be used with standard .015” Oilboard. Oilboard Stencil material, also referred to as stencil board, is the ideal material for use with our Stencil Machines. Custom Cut Stencil Company offers .015” thick oil treated tag board that can be used many, many times. These durable Oilboard stencils can be used to tackle your biggest stenciling projects. And, because Oilboard stencils are so heavy-duty, Custom Cut Stencil Company recommends the use of our Oilboard which is much sturdier and lasts longer than what the competition offers.

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