Before you order your custom stencil, you will have to pick what material you want your stencil to be. We have a variety of quality stencil materials available, including oilboard, mylar, polyethylene, magnetic and plastic.

Are you not sure which stencil material is best suited for your stenciling project? No worries. Give us a call at 618.277.5077 and we can help you choose the best material for the job!

Find out what stencil material is best for your project:

Oilboard Stencils

Oilboard stencils (also known as stencil board) are .015″ thick oil treated tagboard. These stencil boards can be used many times.

Mylar Stencils

Described as a “milky plastic”, mylar stencils are very popular. This reusable stencil is extremely durable, can be easily cleaned with solvent and can be used many times and saved. This mylar material is .014″ thick.


The aluminum stencils are .080” thick and are very durable. This material can be used when making a logo stencil or text stencils.  When making text stencils, the letter size needs to be at least 1” tall.  This is a material that can be easily cleaned and used for a long time.


The plastic stencils are .100” thick, a little thinner than 1/8”. Stencils made out of the plastic material are extremely durable. When ordering a plastic stencil, the letter size needs to be 1” or above. This material can be easily cleaned. Since this is plastic, the stencil material is flexible and it can be rolled up when stored.

Polyethylene Stencils

Polyethylene stencils are made of a strong .008″ thick polyethylene material with low tack reusable adhesive. Our polyethylene stencils are durable, but are limited to 10-25 uses depending on the surface being marked. The material allows the stencil to stick briefly to the item to be stenciled, so no tape or magnets are needed. These stencils are great for marking pipe or for hard to mark surfaces.

Magnetic Stencils

Magnetic stencils are used in many custom stencil application projects and are very popular. We offer magnetic letter and number sets, custom text stencils, company logos and various graphic stencils. These can be used to mark steel storage containers, drums, pipes, railcars, roll off dumpsters and much more. Magnetic stencils will make your stenciling job easier. The minimum text size is 1”.