January is Free Freight Month

By Steve Lewis

Is 2016 the year your office, warehouse, or factory is in desperate need of a new electronic stencil machine? Custom Cut Stencil Company, for a limited time, is offering to pay your freight for any electronic stencil cutter purchased from now until the end of January 2016. It’s a deal that can’t be beat!

The holidays are officially over, but there’s still plenty of time to get excited about a gift for your business: a NEW, quality stencil machine! It’s easy to see why so many of our customers depend on our electronic stencil machines so their daily operations run smoothly and more efficiently. Our stencil machines create quality marks on steel, pipe, and other welding applications. Need a better way to mark your outgoing warehouse shipments? Use a stencil machine to mark on boxes and crates. Every cut you make will be like the first one.

Not sure whether you should invest in a manual stencil machine or one that is electronic? With FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on electronic stencil machines, it certainly helps make your decision easier! Plus, electronic stencil cutters offer a wider range of text sizes, from ¼” text to 24” text (or even larger). And with a stencil software package, you can create custom fonts, symbols or logos. Electronic stencil cutters offer more flexibility than any other stencil machine on the market today.

It’s time you take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING OFFER this January! Don’t delay and order a new stencil machine, made in the U.S.A, today. Visit www.customcutstencil.com or call us at 800-620-5077 for more information on how to make 2016 the most prosperous year yet for your business…with a new electronic stencil cutter!