Why should your business use industrial spray ink on your next custom stencil project? Spray ink saves you time. Whether you are working in the summer heat or the winter frost, it dries quickly and works fast. At Custom Cut Stencil Company, we provide businesses with the highest quality of spray ink to ensure the markings last.

Spray ink will mark on any surface making it an ideal option for your company’s next project. Do you have a big summer project? Don’t sweat it. Spray ink dries much faster than spray paint allowing it to be used in the most humid conditions. Spray ink is also much finer and covers surfaces better than spray paint. The stencil will not stay sticky with spray stencil ink and causes less build up.

Are you still wondering how Custom Cut Stencil Co.’s spray ink can make your day-to-day shipping operations a breeze? Our spray ink stencil markings will last just as long as spray paint. We offer a wide selection of colors, such as black, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and white. We also offer a custom tan color that is perfect for touching up old shipping cartons to make them look brand new! How cool is that?

Individual containers are available in 16 fluid ounces (11 oz. net weight) containers, 12 cans per case. Don’t need an entire case? No worries, we also sell individual cans! Spray Inks meet or exceed performance requirements under C.I.D. AA-208. We also offer other specialized inks including coder inks, ink jet inks, duplicator inks, stamp pad inks and marker inks. Whatever your ink needs may be, Custom Cut Stencil Company will go above and beyond to fulfill them.

Family-owned and operated, Custom Cut Stencil Company serves the St. Louis, Missouri area and beyond with high-quality custom stencil supplies. No matter what stencil product you need for your next custom stencil project, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it. Give us a call toll free at (800) 620-5077 or (618) 277-5077.