Not every stencil project is exactly the same. Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers a great selection of stencil services and supplies for the next big job on your long to-do list. In the heat of summer, if you think a clear marking is impossible, think again! With our products you’ll be able to achieve well-defined lettering time and time again, no matter what temperature you are working in. We’ve been in business for decades and because of our knowledge and expertise, we believe our products can handle the toughest jobs around.

Ink rollers that work.

Ink rollers can be messy, but our high-quality Custom Cut Stencil rollers distribute ink evenly. Our stencil ink rollers are easy to use! Before you begin your stencil project, simply pour the stencil ink into the handle, prime the rollers and roll out your project. We have a complete list of stencil supplies and replacement rollers. Check out our most popular rollers on our rollers page. Many of our customers use the metal roller units that come in 3” wide and 1.5” roller sizes.

Stencil ink that marks on all surfaces.

Need ink that works on many, many surfaces? Our ink is packaged in quart or gallon containers and will mark on crates, pipes, cartons and more. We can also split cases for your particular needs. You can trust that our stencil ink will work well with our Custom Cut Stencil Company ink rollers. Need ink pads? Our ink pads can be used multiple times with our stencil ink and standard stencil rollers.

Oilboard for stencils.

We also sell quality oilboard that will help you create those ideal “crisp and clear” stencil markings your business needs. Oilboard can be used over and over for your projects. Want to learn more? Visit our website at to find a variety of supplies and to purchase oilboard using our online store.

Custom Cut Stencil Company is a family-owned and operated company located in Belleville, Illinois, serving the entire St. Louis, Missouri region and beyond. Our high-quality, custom stencil supplies and stencil machines offer customers everything stencil, anytime they need it. Give us a call at (618) 277-5077 or learn more at