Custom Cut Stencil Company loves a challenge and recently helped a client with a unique undertaking. The mission: to make a display stand to hold a converted surplus M-1 Carbine to a period correct WWII version.

After almost a year, the client had taken a lot of time and energy to replace the rear sight, barrel band, and butt plate with WWII vintage parts. To get ideas for the stand, he visited many collector’s websites and found one that had a large board with an upright piece of wood with a body of a 20 round .30 Cal magazine on it that would lock into the magazine well and hold the rifle for display purposes.

The wooden stand was created to replicate what was needed to hold the rifle with the correct size and nomenclature. However, the client needed to recreate the correct lettering style reflective of the WWII time period (ammo manufacturers used a stamp for the lettering). After some trial and error, the client finally contacted Custom Cut Stencil Co. for their help. Custom Cut Stencil was able to duplicate the precise specifications for the lettering, cutting custom stencils that would be used to complete the base…and complete the project.

A collector specializing in WWII memorabilia may be able to pick out the difference, but the final product is sure to impress anyone that loves history, determination and a little “out of the box” thinking. Enjoy the finished product!

Ammo CrateDSC08347DSC08351