Your office team works hard all year long, and many offices and warehouses are trying to fulfill year-end orders and prepare for a couple extra days off for vacation and the holidays, anxious to spend much needed time-off with family and friends. This may also be the perfect time to reassess that storage room or closet and see what stencil supplies and products that are needed for the upcoming calendar year. Don’t kick off the New Year realizing you are out of oilboard, stencil paints or replacement rollers! Custom Cut Stencil Company can help.

For instance, Rolmark Stencil Inks are perfect for marking cartons, crates, drums or pipe. If it’s a hard-to-mark surface, these spray inks are a great option. Rolmark inks are packaged in quart or gallon containers, and we can even break cases depending on your individual needs. If your job requires a lot of stencil marking, make sure you have enough stencil ink and stencil paints for the beginning of 2017. We want to help you make sure your project is done on time and on budget in the year ahead. Running out of those much needed supplies is a headache we want to help you avoid.

So, as you’re scrambling to meet your customer’s year-end orders and doing a lot of shipping, call us so we can replenish your stencil supplies with our quality products. We now offer convenient online ordering for supplies, so visit our new online catalog at If there is something you can’t find online, you can also call us at 618-277-5077 or toll free at 800-620-5077. All of us at Custom Cut Stencil Co. wish you a happy, healthy holiday season. Best wishes!