By Steve Lewis

With over 35 years of stencil experience, we know what stencil supplies will work best with your specialized project. We understand there are a lot of companies that want your industrial stencil supplies and service business, but Custom Cut Stencil Company prides ourselves on outstanding customer service and stencil machine knowledge. Custom stencils and supplies isn’t just our job…it’s our chosen vocation.

Today, you can find practically anything and everything you need on-line. Whether it’s a new outfit for Saturday night or tissue paper for the home, things can be shipped and delivered directly to your front door! Because industrial stencils and supplies are unique to every industry and can vary from job to job, we know that some times you’ll have questions. For example: which inks work best for marking metal? Do spray inks last as long as traditional inks? Because we’ve worked in the stencil industry for so long, we can help you decide which stencil ink supply will work best for you. When you call us with a question, we are here to answer (and we only sell stencil products).

We offer spray inks, stencil rollers, oilboard, industrial markers and stencil cutters, along with many other stencil products. We can create a custom stencil for you, or answer questions about stencil machines for your facility or warehouse. It’s important to us that customers depend on our team for any stencil supply question, considering us to be the industrial stencil experts!

Family-owned and operated Custom Cut Stencil Company is based in the St. Louis, Missouri area, serving customers internationally and nationwide. If your commercial business is looking for a more efficient way of shipping and marking product, stencil machines offer more flexibility for busy facilities. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it. Give us a call.