There are so many benefits available to customers that use logo stencils from Custom Cut Stencil Company! Our stencils are washable and reusable, offering a final result that looks great, time and time again. When creating your company logo stencil, it’s never been easier with our online system. As experts in the logo stencil business, we can answer any question you have about turning that project you’ve dreamt about into a reality.

At Custom Cut Stencil Co., we can receive your graphic file online. Simply send us an .eps, .ai, or .pdf file. Not sure what that means? The agency or business that created your business logo will have the artwork on file, in the formats listed above. We will review your logo and figure out the set-up time involved as well as offer you a quote on pricing. Still have a question? Please call one of our customer service representatives at 800-620-5077.

Why use custom stencils? Not only are they reusable and washable, they are so easy to use over and over again. Our stencils can be used on practically any surface and painted any color necessary to make your project stand out and look amazing. Using logo stencils is also more cost-effective than purchasing multiple stickers for that big industrial job or hiring an artist to paint for you.

At Custom Cut Stencil Company, we have so much to offer! Whether you need stencil machines, logo stencils or supplies, we have decades of experience in the stencil industry. Locally-owned and family-operated, Learn more at or give us a call at (618) 277-5077.