There are many industries that rely on Custom Cut Stencil machines and supplies daily, helping products get shipped efficiently and products marked accordingly. Before the Industrial Revolution, did you know that manufacturing of goods was often done in people’s homes, using mere hand tools and simple machines? Today, we can’t imagine life without specialized machinery to help us do practically everything, from cleaning our homes to automatically turning on/off our TV’s. Now, all of our gadgets are because of our ability decades ago to mass market and manufacture things we needed and wanted.

We believe that manufacturing is still an important piece of growing the economy for the U.S. and know that the products we sell help manufacturers get their jobs done under budget and on time. American-made, a Custom Cut Stencil cutter gives manufacturing facilities the ability to quickly and cost-effectively mass produce and/or ship their products. Being able to do stencil marking in-house is a convenience that many clients now rely upon regularly – wondering how they ever managed without a stencil machine before!

Cited on ThomasNet, manufacturing was “1.9 trillion of the U.S. gross domestic product in 2012.” Still making money and making the world a better place, manufacturing is an industry that should be appreciated and respected, one filled with hard-workers in the fields of engineering, science and technology.  At Custom Cut Stencil, we are happy to provide our quality goods and services to the manufacturing industry, helping them grow their businesses and share their products with their customers, near and far.